2018 Medical Device Innovation Week opened in Suzhou Industrial Park

  On September 6, the National Medical Device Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, Suzhou Industrial Park Biological Industry Development Co., Ltd., China Medical Device Industry Association, Suzhou Medical Device Innovation Service Center and other parties planned to host The "2018 Medical Device Innovation Week" opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center.The conference aims to promote the interaction of all links in the medical device industry chain, and accelerate the development of the medical device industry with an international vision and cutting-edge technological innovation.

  The Innovation Week is centered on the “2018 China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” and the “2018 China International Medical Device Innovation Exhibition” under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China Biotechnology Development Center.Supported three key forums - 2018 China Medical Device Summit Forum, 2018 China International Medical Device Innovation Forum, 2018 China Medical Device Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum, forming a series of activities of "One Competition, One Exhibition, Three Forums".

  The China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition aims to stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises and medical personnel, strengthen the connection between innovation and clinical application and capital, deepen the cooperation in the fields of production, education and research in the medical device industry, and build a more efficient and practical innovative service platform.Promote the continuous innovation and development of China's medical device industry, and promote China's medical device industry from small to large and then strong, from "manufacturing" to "creation."Since the start of the competition, more than 300 national and overseas innovation projects have been received, and regional competitions have been held in Guangzhou Development Zone, Zhongguancun Medical Instrument Park and Hangzhou Medical Port. The 16 outstanding projects selected by the regional competition will be innovated. The finals will be held during the week.

  China International Medical Innovation Exhibition brings together all the factors and links of the medical device innovation industry chain into one exhibition hall, attracting nearly 200 exhibitors from all over the world, except for Medtronic, Poco, Xianjian, Weigao, Xinhua Medical and other industries. Well-known companies showcase innovative products and new products.There are also special exhibition areas to display various innovative service resources, including medical equipment design, foundry, testing, animal and clinical trials and market docking. The exhibition also has innovative translation results of domestic and foreign research institutes and research hospitals. The investment environment of the major domestic parks and upstream raw materials and spare parts.

  The “Medical Device Innovation Week” is supported by three key forums – the 8th China Medical Device Summit Forum, the 2018 China International Medical Innovation Forum, and the 2018 China Medical Device Translation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum, which cover more than 20 seminars.The main directions are focused on the innovation direction of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, imaging equipment, medical beauty, surgery, ultrasound, medical artificial intelligence, in vitro diagnosis, medical achievement transformation, regulations, etc., from different angles to analyze the medical device innovation ecosystem, the production, education, research and marketing of medical services. Party cooperation mechanism to jointly promote the transformation of innovation results.Speakers include academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, well-known medical device R&D, marketing, quality director, hospital director, clinical director, and directors and researchers of overseas R&D centers. There are more than 200 elites from all walks of life to collaborate the development on medical device innovation.