China's medical equipment industry market will exceed 800 billion in 2020

  China's micro-invasive technology research and development and application expert seminar was held in Beijing on the 29th.Li Zhiyong, secretary-general of China Medical Equipment Association, said at the meeting that in recent years, China's medical equipment industry has developed rapidly under the joint effect of policies and markets. The industry's production-oriented enterprises have reached 16,124, and the market scale has reached 650 billion yuan (RMB). , the same below).It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of the industry market will exceed 800 billion yuan.

  Li Zhiyong said that medical equipment is the driving force for the development of modern medicine and an important material basis for supporting the development of medical and health care.The medical equipment industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and innovative products are constantly emerging, becoming the focus of high-tech industry competition and an important indicator of a country's scientific and technological progress.

  At the meeting, combined with years of work practice, Li Zhiyong put forward three suggestions for innovation in the field of minimally invasive technology.

  “First, do a good demonstration application.” Li Zhiyong said that this demonstration is to combine users (ie medical institutions) and manufacturers (ie production enterprises). In the past, the association also promoted coordination and exchanges through industry and education to promote industrial development. Form a cycle of demonstration applications, clinical evaluation, technological innovation and auxiliary promotion.

  Secondly, the innovation of medical devices should start from four aspects: First, we must understand the needs of hospitals and doctors;The second is to start with the needs of the patients' families, especially the frequently-occurring and difficult diseases, to discuss and communicate with them, and to seek innovative directions and breakthrough points;The third is to start with imported medical devices to find alternative opportunities; the fourth is to cooperate with scientific research institutions and universities.

  Third, we must strengthen the coordination of medicine, research and enterprises. Li Zhiyong said that "medical" is a medical institution, "research" is a research and development unit, and "enterprise" is an enterprise.It is important to play the role of a very critical productivity of doctors, because doctors understand the needs of patients and are familiar with medical technology, and also a hub for the combination of production, education and research.There are many doctors who also have patents for technical inventions, and transformation through them is also a fundamental innovation. (Reporter Dong Zichang)