Perfectemp Bluetooth Thermometer

24 hours temperature monitoring, High temperature warning

With IOS or Android app to monitor temperature anytime


Bluetooth thermometer
Bandage to tie to the arm 
Two sensor to get more accuate data
Two app for download to monitor everywhere
High temperature
Draw record


Home use, hospital, clinic , ambulance, inpatient deparment,ICU

Feature and technical advantage:

24 hours temperature monitoring, 

The world's first dual probe, 360 degree full range of accurate measurement, 

Real-time temperature data acquisition, 

Intelligent automatically draw temperature changing curve, conducive to the doctor's diagnosis, 

With skin breathing arm band, quickly ruled out heat and moisture, dry and comfortable, does not cause skin allergy.

High temperature warning, high temperature alarms in time, you do not have to get up at night to take temperature.

Intimate cloud synchronization,easily synchronized to a number of mobile phones in real time,  you can always care about your family's health when you are out.

Support all body temperature measurements of family members , according to different age groups to set temperature alarm.

Support to review the history of body temperature