LF58/52/42/38/28 Flexible video endoscope

Flexible Video Endoscope is our core product listed in 2017 and quickly recognized by all sides specialists in a short time.

Product name: Flexible video endoscope


Operation handle(LF series)
Wireless transmitter
Wireless transmitte cable


Department of Anesthesiology
Department of respiration

Features and technical advantage:

Emergency tracheal intubation is one of the most widely used measures of emergency department patients, It plays an important role to save life of critically ill patients, reduce the mortality rate .

*  Direct laryngoscope: It can not be used in case of trismus; 
*  Video laryngoscope blade: it cannot be applied to patients with stiff neck;
*  Fiberoptic bronchoscopy : it's expensive, difficult maintenance, not easy to use.

Flexible video endoscope can clearly display the image of the glottis and oropharynx cavity, guide the disposable tracheal intubation through the oropharynx, throat, epiglottis, glottis, eventually reach the trachea, can improve the success rate of intubation, reduce airway injury.