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Job Status

Vacancies:Recruitment Regional Manager of Investment Promotion (Drugs, Medical Consumables, Medical Devices)

. Responsibilities:

1. Implement the company's investment promotion policies, formulate investment promotion plans, and complete the investment promotion tasks assigned by the company;

2. Do a good job in customer service and timely report customer problems;

3. Participate in relevant exhibitions and assist in bidding and tendering;

4. Actively develop new customers, constantly develop business channels, and do a good job in liaison and maintenance;

5. Proficient in sales policies, business knowledge and negotiation skills;

. Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or related is preferred;

2. At least one year relevant working experience, good communication skills and team work ability, able to travel.

. Benefits:

1. Salary: negotiable;

2, Welfare: social insurance, housing provident fund, commercial insurance;

3, Leave: national statutory holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, sick leave, funeral leave;

4. Working hours: 5 days, have double holidays on weekends;

5. Organize collective activities according to year-end benefits every year.

Contact: 0756-6910021 Ms. Xu, or send your resume to ZHYSCOMPANY@163.com