Diagnosis Station

Equipments: direct ophthalmoscope, medical magnifying glass, medical examination lamp, mechanical blood pressure gauge, infrared forehead thermometer

Product specification/model

Model: YS - ZCA5

Configuration: direct ophthalmoscope, medical magnifying glass, medical examination lamp, infrared thermometer, mechanical blood pressure gauge

The product description

Direct ophthalmoscope

The handle is made of ABS material and ergonomic design

Adjustable for 29 types of drive

There are 3 filters and 6 lighting forms

Noninvasive examination of diabetes, farsightedness, refractive error, eye tumors, primary retinal detachment, intraocular foreign bodies, fundus arteriosclerosis and other diseases

Medical examination lamp

Invention Patent

Utility model patent

Unload and unload special locking tongue press plate

Use disposable tongue spatulas

Medical magnifying glass

Can be magnified by 2.5 times

360 degree ring fiber and halogen light source, brightness can be adjusted

The lens has a rotary lock design that makes casing loading and unloading easy and safe to use

Three sizes of ear peepers to meet the needs of different patients

Mechanical blood pressure gauge

Environment-friendly mercury free, using mechanical pressure inflation measurement, spiral air pipe can be extended to 3 meters

Dial display: 200mm pressure display dial, with mmHg and kPa scale

Maximum measurement range: 0-300mmHg

Accuracy error: ±3mmHg

Infrared frontal thermometer

Infrared probe accurate interpretation

Display two-color backlight and fever alarm reminder

Use non-contact measurement

60 groups of memory, support clinical fever type diagnosis